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Your Home Sold Guaranteed*

Fern G Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

Our Your Home Sold Guaranteed solves one of the biggest dilemmas you will face when you’re trying to decide whether to sell or buy first.

Our team will offer you a comprehensive market analysis before you even list with us. Get the information you need to make a good decision before you start.

Market Analysis

Our market analysis covers all the current listings and comparable sales in your area. Best of all,  the computerized printout also includes the list price and guaranteed price we can offer you before your home gets listed with us. There’s nothing left to chance with this program.

A Risk-Free Insurance Policy On The Guaranteed Price

This program has more advantages than a risk-free insurance policy. When you get the guaranteed price in writing, you get the peace of mind of knowing your home will sell.

Need a little more convincing about our Your Home Sold Guaranteed program?  Here’s how the FernG Team is taking on all of the risk.

  • We set the guaranteed price together with the homeowners who use our service. If the property doesn’t sell during a certain period,our team will buy it for the guaranteed numbers we have arrived at together.
  • With our system, you can take any offer that’s higher than our guaranteed sale price.

When you use this program, owners can rest assured that their house is going to sell and you’re going to get the best price possible. The bottomline is our Your Home Sold Guaranteed Program allows you to start looking for your next address without anxiety or worry.

Place a firm cash offer on any home that you like when you work with us because you know the money is a sure thing.

We help you to eliminate the anxious moments most homeowners go through when they’re buying and selling. There is no chance of getting caught with the mortgage on two different properties and no conditional offers to deal with.

Enjoyable House Hunting

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty allows for a much more enjoyable house hunting experience. Why? Because you know with this special offer your sale is guaranteed.

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is fill out the simple form provided to get a free report that explains more about how the program works.

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