Reza Shokraie

Sales Representative

Reza invests in his goals and career constantly learning new skill sets and improving on existing ones. A graduate in Computer Engineering; he continued to follow his enthusiasm for knowledge and successfully received his master’s degree in International Business from The University of Wollongong. Eventually he found his true calling in Real Estate and has since served many families. Excellent customer service, dedication to professionalism and his desire to make each client’s experience smooth and memorable makes him a reliable source for your next Real Estate need! 

How long have you been working as a Real Estate agent/in the Real Estate field?
More than 10 years in Real Estate and over 3 years as an agent

What types of properties do you specialize in?
Residential real estate, specialized in resale and preconstruction

What would be your 1st choice for location to target?
York Region plus Innisfil and Barrie

What would be other 3-5 locations you would wish to target?
Toronto and Durham Region