Homer Zehtabi

Sales Representative

I am passionate about a lot of things in my life. About Real Estate, health, safety, vehicles, technology, construction, finance/investing and much more. I have a huge amount of experience in negotiation tactics and closing business deals. Very honest about the truth even if you don’t like it. I’m to the point and don’t like to waste anybody’s time and expect the same from people I interact with. I’m a positive person and love to have positive people around me. I believe life is beautiful regardless of the hard times and it’s how we deal with those hard times that will make it beautiful. If I can help make your journey a little more enjoyable, I will be happy to.
How long have you been working as a Real Estate agent/in the Real Estate field?
5 years
What types of properties do you specialize in?
Residential mostly
What would be your 1st choice for location to target?
York region (Mostly Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan and Newmarket) Toronto, Peel and Durham