Ali Cheema

Sales Representative

I began my journey in the real estate field not too long ago, but I knew this is where I was always going to end up. Growing up, in my spare time I would go attend open houses, and book showings to see what a dream house was. I then wanted to help others achieve their dream homes and I think that’s where my passion started for homes. I can talk for hours upon hours about houses and the market if no one stops me. Over the year of being a licensed real estate agent I have got to learn so much and realized how I can help my clients get what they want. I absolutely love assisting my clients as they navigate the home buying and selling process. I want to be a part of my client’s journey from start to end as I will assist with the mortgage process and make sure everything is done in a reasonable and timely fashion. I will also anticipate working in this industry for a very long time.

How long have you been working as a Real Estate agent/in the Real Estate field?
1.5 years

What types of properties do you specialize in?
 I work in residential real estate and specialize in resale and pre construction.

What would be your 1st choice for location to target?
Innisfil, ON

What would be other 3-5 locations you would wish to target?
Vaughan ON, King City ON, NewMarket ON, Bradford ON, Nobleton ON